Thursday, September 11, 2014

Warning Stay In Aero Position

This is great, another device to tell me I am not ridding correctly. Actually the Lazer Wasp Air is extremely helpful, Lazer has one of the few that will help a triathlete stick to the aero position. The Wasp Air is a nice looking helmet that also ticks all the important marks for a good aero helmet. And tucked into the tail is a special device that vibrates when the rider dips his head downward. It’s a gentle, but obvious, reminder to stick to the aero position.
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tri's vs. Xterra

So I love Triathlons, I started doing Xterra events cause I was a XC mountain bike racer. Course of life changed and this was over 11 years ago, things changed again I got hooked and went into triathlons full force, sponsorship, podium finished, early mornings and epic swims, bikes and rides,  not to mention the friends and conversations we had along the way.
Another change has has happened and I am back to XC Mountain biking, with triathlons in my blood. One thing that I noticed is how cool the Mountain Bike industry makes riding look, from their films, Gopro captures, gear, and of course racing. This started me thinking why has triathlons not made this transition, make the riding look cool, swims shots epic and gear, well cool.
I went for a ride at a place I had not ridden in 8 years, what I noticed was the parking lot was full, families were riding, people were conversing and generally everyone looked to be having fun. The ride started fast and I was transformed back 8 years ago to why I LOVE mountain biking. The setting and not having to be worried about getting run over, it has happened. No horns, middle fingers, crazy jesters, or stress. Just time to focus on what I love to do ride. Same goes with trail running, that is a topic for another day.
The triathlon series has to embrace the good, show the videos, great spots to do events, the events, parties, tents and families that spend countless hours watching loved ones compete.

Embrace and take note from another side of this sport. Tri's are cool, epic and the best thing you can do, now they just have to be shown that way.