Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CERA in the Olympic Games

New drugs, records broken and athletes still getting caught. Something has to be done and at this rate the only option is legal or non legal. Check this out from Sports Scientists
Six Olympic athletes, including 1500m gold medalist Rashid Ramzi, have tested positive for CERA, the latest generation EPO hormone, which was made famous by Tour de France cyclists (Ricardo Ricco primary among them) last year.

When Ricco was caught, we did a post explaining CERA, and speculating that maybe some Olympic athletes would be jumping for cover now that a test had been developed through collaboration between anti-doping agencies and the pharmaceutical company that produced the drug for medical use.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Mini and Airstream, Travel to Tri's in Style

Always trying to book the next hotel/motel room, the W to expensive, well why not travel in style, get good gas milage and your own bed. Well it seems as though MINI and Airstream have teamed up for the ultimate in travel Clubman joins Airstream.
"Together with Danish furniture designer, Republic of Fritz Hansen, the companies have created a concept Mini Cooper S Clubman coupled to a matching 22-foot Airstream trailer with a "down-by-the beach" feel. There's a gallery and press release (after the jump) to explain the theme in detail, but basically the Clubman features neoprene seat covers, a surfboard on the roof and some scuba gear in the boot, while the trailer is a drop side Airstream with funky modern furniture by Fritz. It's a cool bit of kit that we'd be happy to take on a trip down the coast." from Autoblog

Monday, April 20, 2009

Chain Grease, Chain Condom

We have all been there, loading your bike into the car and no matter how hard you tried grease get's on something. Well not any more, traveling to a race, vacation, friends, whatever, Chain Condom protects your goodies.
Chain CondomTM is a simple-to-use cover that goes on your bike in less than a minute. It keeps the grease and grime from your bike chain and derailleurs away from stuff you want to keep clean, like your car interior. Its unique, patent-pending design means it's simple to use and stays put.
Well you have to love the simplicity of it, again why did this take so long to create!

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Bike Racks, Make you think twice.

There are a lot of car bike rack companies, Thule, Rocky Mounts, Yakima, all work very well and have been in business a long time. Then one emerges as a little different and take what is good about those racks and rethinks it, Kuat Innovations has done that, making light (11 pounds), sturdy, quick, easy to fold up, and has functions built in (bike lock, hitch lock) that other don't. One of the best features is the ability to adjust based on the frame size and to clamp against the frame allowing a more sturdy carrying position.
hey bikes get updated yearly, maybe its time for your rack to get the same treatment.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Does your rubber strap on your watch not fit, wrist to small, whatever the case TAD Gear has the solution, they are "The Elite Class in Adventure Gear".
When only the BEST will do, TAD GEAR, Inc. is your outfitter for the Elevated Standard in Professional Grade Adventure Gear. Specializing in Apparel, Field Gear & Edged Tools, we offer only what we feel is the finest selection of equipment in each category. You will find the highest grade of equipment on this website for your next adventure, field project, mission, endeavor, or simply day tripping.
TAD Gear is proud to introduce our new heavy duty, maritime Combat Swimmers Dive Strap. The finest strap of its type in the world. Ideal for any dive and sports watch, this strap will hold up to years of use under or above water. Available in 3 of the most common watch lugs sizes, our Combat Swimmers Dive Strap will fit the most popular dive watches.

Using the proven 5 ring, "NATO" buckle tang style of construction, these straps are secure, rugged, hold up to abuse, highly adjustable to fit over a wetsuit or on the wrist. We offer 4 great colors to accent your AO and your favorite time pieces. Compare our straps to those already out there; we feature the highest caliber of materials, construction and a terrific price point. Quality, value, and performance.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Step-Down Tempo Workout

Runners world has great articles and for the triathlete that is logging some tough long miles we sometimes forget to do fast, tempo runs. This workout will get you there and beyond.

Start this 10-mile run at 1:20 per mile slower than your usual five-mile tempo pace. Every two miles drop the pace by 20 seconds per mile (your progression would look something like this: 8:05-8:05-7:45-7:45-7:25-7:25-7:05-7:05-6:45-6:45). While only the last two miles are at your normal tempo pace, the fact that you ran eight descending miles beforehand will make the pace feel more challenging. Replace your usual tempo run with this step-down approach about every third threshold workout.