Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great Abs, Better Running

Training Peaks one of the leaders in providing great workouts and advice for the multisport athlete, has a great blog entry for getting great abs. Yes part is genetics but really it is working hard and eating right. A benefit to having great abs is fewer injuries and better running performance.

How do you get great abs? Running is a good start, because it burns fat. But running alone won’t do the job. You also have to eliminate those extra calories from your diet that are turned into belly fat. Even if you run 50 miles a week, your paunch won’t vanish if you continue to eat donuts and french fries all day long. Finally, you need to condition your abdominal muscles with core strength exercises, because even with a very small amount of belly fat your core muscles won’t show through if they are poorly conditioned. More.. Training Peaks

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bike racks for motorcycles, Johnny Racks!

Getting closer to the green movement is always nice, driving a Land Rover is nice but wouldn't you rather be ridding a BMW F 650GS much cooler way to show up at an event. The ride home could be tough but hey you can't win them all.
Road or Mountain, the Johnny Rack will carry most bicycles (tandems not included of course). The Johnny Rack requires special Motorcycle Adapters to fit the rack to the large number of different motorcycle models. The Adapters are designed to either mount to existing mounting points on the frame or mount directly to the frame of the motorcycle using what we call Frame Grabbers. NO drilling is required for the mounting. For ease of taking the rack on and off rack the Frame Grabbers can be left in place even when the rack is not installed.

The Motorcycle Adapters are attached to the Main Arm or Bicycle attachment portion of the Johnny Rack. The Main Arm holds the bicycle mount (Yakima BOA). The Johnny Rack secures the bicycle by the front fork and the down tube and special down tube pads protect the bicycle's paint and derailleur cables from damage.

Close Call's a video for all to see!

All have had close calls but Cyclist Jeff Frings of Milwaukee brings it all together and does something about it. The best thing that should come of this is (a) get a video camera for proof (b) be prepared to have a close call.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Camelbak, Racebak Hydration Jersey

Been waiting a while for this to come out, wondering why someone has not done this before, like the iPod and the iPhone took Apple some time to make it great. Well here comes Camelbak making hydration cooler. Wearable hydration, designed for the endurance athlete, tight fitting, chafe-free seams and stitching, air mesh insulated back panel keeps your back cool and insulated tube cover. What is not to love.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Activity Trailer, DOOIT

Now the green movement can start for Mini owners, Activity Trailer allows you to haul all your outdoor gear with safety and style and still economize on fuel. With the addition of the new folding tent and swing up riser bar options the Dooit is even more versatile, allowing comfortable off the ground camping on a 2.5 inch foam mattress AND the ability to haul bikes, kayaks and other gear.

The DOOIT™ is scaled to be safely towed by compact and subcompact cars and other smaller vehicles. The typical car in this class has a width of 66” – 67”, and the 55” overall width of the trailer and its load are well within the wind envelope of the vehicle. Trailers built for the standard automobile have widths that extend beyond the sides of this class of vehicle creating a safety issue. The maximum GVW of 500 pounds (trailer and load) is well within the design limits of a vehicle’s axles and its braking systems, yet still allows carrying a significant amount of equipment.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Campaign for Bike Lockers

So as the weather warms and all are getting out more the big thing that is missing and keeping most of us from using our "high" end bikes more is safety. More places need bike lockers.

How many would pay a dollar to make sure their bike is really protected? Many.

Train station, parking garages, corporations, bus stations all need to be doing more to change the way we think. Make it a no-brainer to have to bike to work, the train, or store. Even being able to bring your bike on the train during peak hours needs to be considered.

So get on with it, demand your work install better bike lockers, write congress and have all train station install more lockers. get moving the warm weather is right around the corner.