Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wheeltags, simply brilliant!

What a way to break the seriousness of training and racing. Wheeltags is a great concept simple yet functional. Wheeltags, are stickers that affix to your black deep dish rims, series one for the spring consists of 13 different tags, plus you can choose custom, where the sky is the limit.

Weekend warriors and pro-teams alike deserve the right to speak their own rim-minds.
Change colors, add corporate logos, drop in text or get your monogram on, the rims are the only limit to your ideas, dreams and marketing needs.
Whatever your motivation may be, the wheeltags custom process is easy, painless and most rewarding.

"Wheeltags are stylized wheel signatures for your cycling personae. Celebrating the power of self-expression with bold colors and vibrant designs, Wheeltags allow you to challenge the nameless rim masses and breakaway from the pack. Tag your ride with the ultimate statement of individuality and roll with style."

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Can't we share, Drivers be aware!

This is a perfect example why cyclist have a tough time on the road. Even a cyclist will have a tough time with this, for Earth Day or Earth Year to have a lasting effect, we all need to be more aware of our surroundings.
So "Can't We Share, Drivers be Aware!"

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What it Takes, Film

This is a old film but one that will get you inspired to go train. It really show how and what it really take, what a elite Triahlete gives up. This year 2007 was a break out year for triahtlons, money was being made, USA Traithlon indicated their best year yet. So looking back 2006 really showed how far the sport has come in the last couple years.

What It Takes" follows 4 world-class triathletes around for a year, as they prepare for the world championships in October, 2005.

"At the very top end of the sport, there's a large pool of very good athletes. The physical differences between those athletes are minimal. The people that win are different due to character. That's the #1 thing I look for."
- Murphy Reinschreiber, Agent, PCH Sports

Now get it and get inspired.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Using an old Treo, just in case!

If you have ever had a close encounter, no not the alien kind, but with a car, person, dog, cat, well you get the idea, use an old cell phone or Treo. They have a built in video camera and if you have a SD card 1 meg or more you can capture up to an hour if not more of video. If you get crafty enough you could take it apart and run the lens from your helmet to the device. Hey capture what is going on and have the proof you need when things get rough.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Finding a pool while traveling, Swimmers Guide can help.

Yes this would be the ideal setting for any triathlete but for living in the North East being stuck in door swimming countless laps is what is in store. Well the trickier part is if you are traveling, how do you find a pool, Swimmers Guide can help, find the country, state, city and you are off, it even gives the water temp of the pool. How great is this.

Swimmers Guide contains the only international, descriptive directory of publicly-accessible, full-size, year-round swimming pools available. There is no resource available in any format with as many pool listings or as much information about each pool as you'll find on this Web site.

This 133rd monthly update of the database since May, 1996, lists 18,380 facilities with 19,572 full-size, year-round swimming pools in 10,457 cities and towns in 165 countries.

Every listing includes:

* The name and address of the pool or facility;
* The area or city code and telephone number for inquiries about hours, rates, schedules, and programs;
* A description of the pool(s) there - always with length and indoor or outdoor location, often with water temperature and number of lanes or width;
* Admission information, including (where available) drop-in prices and discounts for members of affiliated groups and facilities, for senior citizens, and for guests registered at nearby hotels.

Many listings also include:

* A key-word summary of the aquatic programs and activities regularly offered or available at the pool;
* Directions and/or links to street address-specific maps to help find the pool ( 10,669 map links, alone);
* Descriptions of its board and platform diving facilities;
* Contact information for Masters and youth swim clubs and competitive diving, water polo and synchronized swimming teams which train at the pool;
* Links to the facilities' and teams' own Web pages - 15,472 of them, more swimming links than any other Web site!