Saturday, September 27, 2008

Off Season - Triton Swim Trainer

Perfect for when you can't get in the water and for the days when you just want dry land training. A swim bench is great for this, Triton Fitness has come up with one of the most ergonomically swim devices on the market;

The Triton is to swimming what a treadmill is to running. And so, efficient freestyle swim training can now be accomplished in a 'totally dry' home or health club setting. For any swimmer or triathlete, swimming is a matter of proper technique and endurance; understanding how to move your body correctly and then practicing it over and over until it becomes habit. Practicing proper swim form is the key to becoming a capable and competitive swimmer. The Triton was designed with that in mind and encourages those using it to execute a correct freestyle swim stroke. It allows swim athletes to customize their freestyle stroke paths to replicate exactly how arms move through the water during pool workouts or competition, thus taking dryland to a much higher level of neuromuscular and training benefit. A perfect swim coaching device.
Check it out! Triton Fitness

Monday, September 22, 2008

Late Season Races

Late season races can be fun and less stressful, sometimes cold but in the end rewarding. and can help with those decisions. Now some of you will be going to Kona some may not and come September or even at this point October be winding down. You can always find a race that will satisfy you and maybe even end the season on a great note. Cool weather, nice water temp, no humidity, less crowds you can go through the list. Try a sprint if you have been training all season a sprint will be a great break from the norm should be a transition from the heavy training. Hey one more race before you pack the gear away from a couple months of needed relaxation try to get one more in, you never know it could be a PR.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Strength For Triathletes

You want to get faster not bigger, you want your body to hold out for the triathlon season, not for the beach. Many things have changed in training ones body and the sport at which you compete. Should I do high reps, low weight, high weight, low reps. Confusing as it sounds it gets tougher when you get older and start to bring in multiple sports into the fold. Strength training different from weight training can mean different things but remember you want to keep it real. Pushing a barbell up 10 times with 135 pounds is nice, a better workout would be 100 push-ups in 6 weeks, building your back, arms and stomach. has this great article for triathletes, here is what research says:
  1. Running economy (RE) is how efficient one is at using oxygen while running. Several studies have suggested that rate RE can be improved through weight training. One study did weight training specifically with triathletes and found that RE as well as leg strength and power was increased.
  2. Plyometrics and explosive weight training may be useful for improvements in endurance athletes. Examples of plyometrics would be one foot hops, bounding and skipping to name a few. Explosive weight training would include hang cleans and push press type lifts.
  3. Weight training appears to be most effective in using periodization. The weight training should match the periodization phase of the other training leading into the peak race.

Monday, September 8, 2008

100 push ups in 6 weeks

At the end of a rough season you start to think of ways to make yourself stronger for the upcoming year. You have neglected to be in the gym to put more miles in on the bike or run, well the off season is the best time to start. Push up one of the best exercises out can strengthen most of your upper body, hey maybe your gym teacher was not so crazy.

What counts as a pushup?
The palms must be at shoulder-width. The body must remain straight throughout, i.e., no bending at knees or waist. The body must be lowered until at least 90 degree-angle is attained at the elbow and the body is parralel to the ground. The body must then be raised until the arms are straight. This equals one push-up. All pushups should be made on a hard surface. This basic principle applies to all our push-up entries with minor modifications.

So doing 1 push up might be a challenge now but imagine 100, how great would that be! As with all exercises it takes time and finding time is also a challenge, well this little workout takes about 6 minutes three days a week, stick with it and in 6 weeks 100 push ups or close. For a little more incentive you could hire a Trainer, he or she will coach you through and make sure proper form is followed.
Now get going, 6 weeks will be here in no time and 100 push ups with it. Here is the complete program as a PDF link to this with your iPhone so you have it at all times for reference.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Cyclocross, off season fun and training!

THE MOST FUN YOU WILL HAVE OUTSIDE OF RIDDING YOUR TRI BIKE. Cyclocross is amazing, getting the best of both worlds, road biking with the ability to go anywhere. Mountain bike trails, fire trails, roads it is fun. If most of you hate when the season comes to the end, extend the season and get a Cyclocross bike. Races seems to start in August and run into the new year depending on your region. Means you are not stuck inside on a trainer. Here is the racing calendar and the Mercer Cup a US Grad Prix is sure to be great.

"The second weekend of the USGP of Cyclocross returns to Mercer County Park on November 16th and 17th where the racers are sure to face windy, challenging conditions and deep fields from the highly competitive Mid-Atlantic cross scene.

Once again Clif Bar will present it's Kids' Cross Clinic featuring the Clif Bar athletes at the race venue. We follow that up with a Race Number Presentation taking place at Knapp's Cyclery from 6:00pm - 9:00pm. It's a great chance to meet your favorite Pro and check out some great gear at the same time!"

If you are looking for a second training bike or even a third bike the use that a cyclocross bike will give you will extend many years. Even if you buy a second set of wheels and turn your training bike into a CX bike in the off season you will not be disappointed.