Friday, May 15, 2015

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR, 2015, AMAZING!

I had one actually two, hardtail green and then the full suspended FSR. Loved them both for different reason, the main reason was that they were fast. Light, nimble and fast, yes I said that already.
This new Stumpjumper FSR is a game changer. I have not road the bike, I love my Cannondale  Trail 1, but the FSR is changing the game, by having a stow away pocket in the down tube, no more under the seat rattling around, losing components.
I am sure within a year every major bike company will have this built in, or I could only hope so. Ned Overend is a specialized rider, the god father of mountain biking and Tinker is for Cannondale. What an amazing heritage both companies have.

The season will only tell how the FSR stacks up.