Friday, October 30, 2009

Workout for the off season

Want to get stronger in a real way, not the muscles that make you look funny and are completely useless unless you want to pose. This workout is based on 3 minutes routine with a 2 minutes off. It will be tough but will build explosive power.
Welcome to The Freak

The Freak Workout 25 seconds per station total 3 minutes 2 minutes rest. (7 stations without a wall or partner)
* If you have a partner do all 8
** if you have a wall do 8
1. Spiderman pushups
2. Plyometrics pushups
3. Hand Switch (on a ball push ups)
4. Recline pull ups
5. Rope Body weight pull ups
6. Jumping Pull ups
7. ** Medicine ball through into a pushups **
8. Medicine ball Jump ups
9. * (Partner) Medicine ball through between partner *

Monday, October 26, 2009

Barrier Short Sleeve Baselayer, Winter Is Here!

Most of us do not live in CA, so the temperature around the country starts to drop, yes we get the occasional one or two days where shorts are permitted but a good base payer is needed. Now a lot of companies do a great job at making a suite of garments for every layer but Pearl Izumi does an exceptional job. They get you covered and not in a "wow need to take some layers off" it seems to be perfect balance. Check the weather, know your gear suit up and get out, no matter what the weather is like.

The Barrier Short Sleeve Baselayer combines an innovative next-to-skin windproof front panel and our P.R.O. Transfer Fabric with Minerale™ to create a protective layering system which performs in the most demanding weather conditions.
•P.R.O. Barrier fabric front panel provides optimal wind protection
•P.R.O. Transfer fabric with Minerale™ provides optimal moisture transfer, dry time and odor absorbance
•UPF 30+ Sun Protection
•Crew neck
•Anatomic ‘close-to-body’ fit

100% Polyester (52% Minerale™ Polyester/ 48% Textured Polyester)
Barrier Panel: 100% Polyester

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall & Winter, Keep Warm, Craft Zero

Running on a treadmill is mind-numbing. Hey some like to watch TV, others like to watch the great outdoors. Well, Craft is helping make that possiable with Zero a legend among functional underwear and the most trusted baselayer for moisture transport during extreme endurance training or racing. Zero creates an excellent microclimate for extreme endurance in fair and cold weather. Air-channeled polyester expels excess heat away from the body while filament yarns move the moisture. Covered from head to toe. Now get out and Run

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Training a swimmer with technology

Great Ideas should be shared, so here goes. If you are training a swimmer one of the hardest things to do is have them change something at the end of each lap. Well technology is about to change all that, H2O Audio has three great products that allows a coach to interact with swimmer while they are, you guessed it SWIMMING. What is this you ask, well once you get the waistband, armband and earphones you are halfway there. If your athlete has an iPhone and you have one as well, then you are in business. Place the call to the athlete and talk them through a workout. If you have a old iphone and a new iphone since your athlete might not want to risk putting their iPhone in the water for an hour, well then a old or new iPhone not activated and your phone works just as well. Sign up for Skype and create two accounts, once that is done and the pool that you are training in has WiFi then all your troubles are solved.
Now you have really taken training to the next level. Sea level

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bike Suit, You are Covered!

Not sure what to say other than you are covered and have NO excuses to go out riding. Now of course there are the skinny tires and slippery roads, other than that NO excuses.
You Get;
Adjustable Hood
Air Flow Tunnels
Ventilation Zippers
Reflective Striping
YKK Water Repellent Zippers
Chain Protect Zippers
Integrated Overshoes

You might stay dry from the outside but sweating is another issue to tackle.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Conveyor Belt Visualization, Swimming

Great Article from Dr. Smooth on how to get through the water faster and without dead spots in your stroke. What you have to do is simple, try and keep one arm stroke on the conveyor at all times – so as one stroke finishes at the back you begin catching the water at the front. As you do this try and stay relaxed and find a new rhythm, there will be a temptation to swim harder but this isn’t necessary. In fact, as you remove the deadspot and become more efficient, you can reduce the effort in your stroke a little to swim at the same speed – great!

Simple yes,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Shirts for your Sponsors

Cafe Press is the place to get shirts, Sigg bottles, mugs, whatever it seems. The prices are reasonable and shipping is free unless you want it within a couple days.
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