Monday, November 30, 2009

An Incredibly Easy Three-Step Method To Staying Lean, Fit & Motivated During the Holidays | Trifuel

You have to love triFuel publishing and keeping people motivated is what they do, a great staff of writers and testosterone to match. The hardest thing will to stay motivated during the off season and harder the Holiday season. Well read below and this will help.

"Are you ready for a proven method to keep you sane in your fat loss efforts through the holidays? This easy, proven three-step process will allow you to stay motivated, stay lean, and stay fit while faced with the daunting challenges and temptations of holiday parties, alcohol, cake, cookies, feasts and lots of social pressure to just “wait until January 1st”.
Here’s how it works (and don’t delay – implement this right away!):"

Step 1: Event. Choose 2-3 “events” – one before the New Year, one after the New Year, and, if you want the added bonus, one on Thanksgiving. Among all my clients who I train and consult, an event is always far more motivating than the vague goal of simply “staying fit” or “losing fat”. Events provide social motivation, an actual date on the calendar, and both intrinsic and extrinsic drive to keep yourself in shape. My clients who sign up for events are always more successful, and you will be too.
What do I mean by event? An event can be a 5K, a local indoor triathlon at your YMCA, a fundraiser bike ride, or any other group fitness gathering.
Here are some tools you can use to find your event:
-Turkey Trot Race Locator
(Thanksgiving day event finder)
-TriFind Triathlon Finder (good for finding a January or February triathlon)
-Your gym or health club (they often have ongoing holiday fitness challenges and events: trust me, these are highly effective)
-The health or wellness calendar in your local paper
The event(s) before the New Year will keep you thinking about making sure you get to the gym, strap on your running shoes, or keep that bike tuned up. The event after the New Year will give you something to shoot for and to talk about when your friends ask you why you aren’t having that fourth drink at the holiday party, or thirds on Thanksgiving dinner.
Step 2: Goal. While a goal that is separate from an event (i.e. “lose 2 pounds”) is not typically a very powerful motivator, a goal combined with an
event (i.e. “lose 2 pounds before my January 1st 5K”) is incredibly effective. I’m a big fan of your goal actually being more focused on body composition than on body mass, which means that you’re more concerned about FAT than you are about WEIGHT. This can be as simple as measuring your body fat, then creating a realistic goal.
My favorite goal for my clients is to “drop 2% body fat before January 1st”. This is a very realistic and achievable goal for anyone during the holidays.
If you need help measuring your body fat, you may want to check out my friend Jeff Anderson’s free “Body Fat Calculator Manual”, which you can
download by clicking here. You can also do a body fat pinching test at your local gym, and typically if you ask a personal trainer, they will be happy to do it for free. Just bring them a nice bottle of holiday wine.
Step 3: Tell The World. This is the most important step. You will not succeed unless you implement this step. Time and time again, I have witnessed individuals make fantastic goals and sign-up for events, only to keep the entire affair a complete secret. With no social pressure to succeed, the goal is far less motivating. But knowing that you will have to answer to friends, family and a social network will make you very, very honest and serious about achieving your goal.
Have you ever wondered why it is so easy for personal trainers and nutritionists to stay thin or fit? It is not because we have some magic fitness power. It is because we know that we will be labeled a hypocrite and liar by all our clients, colleagues and fans if we’re seen walking down the street with a 24oz soda, ordering a second basket of chips at the Mexican restaurant, or developing a gut during the holidays.
You can harness this same social pressure, and trust me, it is extremely powerful.
How do you tell the world?
Choose your 2-3 events, make your 1 goal, then, if you’re an internet fan, use Facebook, Twitter and your blog to announce your events and goals.
Announce in at least three locations. If you’re not into the internet, then call five friends or family members and tell them your events and goals.
Five. If you’d like, rather than just randomly posting on your blog or randomly contacting your mom, you can reference this article to justify your

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Julie Dibens breaks Ironman 70.3 record

Julie Dibens breaks Ironman 70.3 record

It is amazing to see times fall in an Ironman event full or half. Many things are changing and companies are starting to put money into testing and producing really fast bikes.

Julie Dibens won her second world title this month at the 70.3 World Championships on Saturday, and the Trekand Bontrager-sponsored athlete became the first woman to break 4 hours in the 70.3 distance.

Holding off Team Timex’s Mary Beth Ellis, a Olympic 3-time silver medalist, and Canadian superstar runner Magali Tisseyre, Dibens became the first athlete in history to win both the Xterra and 70.3 World Championships in the same year.

Originally from Bath, England, Dibens used Trek's Speed Concept bike, the same as used by Alberto Contador at his 2009 Tour de France victory. Dibens dominated the bike portion of the course and established her lead with a blistering 2:07 bike split.

“I knew I had the advantage on the bike, and I really looked to capitalize on it,” said Dibens. “I just felt like I was flying out there. I almost felt guilty to have such an advantage over the other girls.”"

Armstrong's new team lineup confirmed - Racing - RoadCyclingUK

Armstrong's new team lineup confirmed - Racing - RoadCyclingUK

Oh yea it is coming around and it is going to be an amazing tour. You can fell the tension already.

Lance Armstrong's new Team RadioShack has confirmed its lineup ahead of the upcoming 2010 season.

Seven-time Tour de France winner Armstrong will be joined by 26 riders from 16 different countries to help in his attempt to win an eighth Tour de France.
It is a well balanced team," says Johan Bruyneel, who guided Armstrong to everyone of his Tour victories. “We have experienced riders - with some of them I worked already many years in my former teams – but we also have young talents who can develop in the perfect environment. I am happy that our sponsors want to invest in the future of cycling.

"Our main goal will be the Tour de France and other stage races but I am confident that, with these riders, we can perform very well in the one-day races as well. I look forward to the new season with Team RadioShack and our first training camp.”

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mountain Bike San Francisco - Cyclelicious

Mountain Bike San Francisco - Cyclelicious
Happy Friday, now get out and ride!

The Science of Sport: Sports Illustrated on Oscar Pistorius

The Science of Sport: Sports Illustrated on Oscar Pistorius

"Yesterday I did a post looking at the latest research on Oscar Pistorius, which sensationally claimed that his advantage was about 10 seconds in a 400m race. Nothing new from me today, but I do want to refer you to a great summary on the development by David Epstein of Sports Illustrated.

I had the pleasure of meeting David while in New York recently, and he covers the science, the politics and the personalities in great detail and logical thought in this article, which is well worth a read.

Of particular note is the following quote from Peter Weyand, referring to the fact that the media had, for the last 12 months, portrayed an extra-ordinarily one-sided perspective on the question of Pistorius' advantage:
"It was tough to watch Oscar on the Today Show after the [CAS] hearing saying, 'Hey, the best guys in the world have looked at this and said I don't have an advantage'," he said. "The history and evolution of it led him to believe he doesn't have an advantage, when our conclusion is he has a very clear one."

The article is from Sports Scientist

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obesity Rate Projected to Increase to 43 Percent

Obesity Rate Projected to Increase to 43 Percent

WASHINGTON, DC -- If trends continue, 43 percent of U.S. adults could be classified as obese by 2018, according to a new study. Currently, 31 percent of the adult population is considered obese.

The report, “The Future Cost of Obesity: National and State Estimates of the Impact of Obesity on Direct Health Care Expenses,” also estimates that obesity spending will quadruple to $344 billion by 2018.

The study, based on research by Emory University health care economist Ken Thorpe, Ph.D., was commissioned by UnitedHealth Foundation, Partnership for Prevention and American Public Health Association in conjunction with their annual “America’s Health Rankings” report.

The report also showed, however, that if obesity rates remain at current levels, the United States would save nearly $200 billion in health care costs.

“At a time when Congress is looking for savings in health care, this data confirms what we already knew: obesity is where the money is,” Thorpe, who also is executive director of the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD), said in a statement about the report. “Because obesity is related to the onset of so many other illnesses, stopping the growth of obesity in the U.S. is vital not only to our health -- but also to the solvency of our health care system.”

Friday, November 13, 2009

Newton Running Shoe Packaging � Dustbowl

Newton Running Shoe Packaging

This would have been great, a simple little search on Newton Running and the strangest thing come up. The one thing you have to respect is the out of the box thinking from this great company to change athletes perceptions.

Mountain Creek - Season Passes

Mountain Creek - Season Passes

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First look at Newton Running’s new 2010 shoes | The Running Front

First look at Newton Running’s new 2010 shoes | The Running Front

We’d like to introduce you to the newest members of the Newton family, the Terra Momentus and the Isaac S!

Newton’s Running’s stellar product development team, Danny Abshire and Ian Adamson, have been locked away in their mad scientist laboratory working on these shoes for months. We’re excited to unveil them today.

Here are the details:
Danny and Ian drew upon their respective experiences as an ultrarunner and a world champion adventure racer to incorporate Newton’s exclusive technology into new, cutting-edge trail shoes.

Highlighted features include:

Highly breathable, fast-drying, debris-proof closed mesh upper
Action/Reaction Technology™ tuned specifically for trail running
Midfoot chassis for added stability
High traction, durable outsole
Weight: Men’s 11.2 oz (size 9) Women’s 9.2 oz (size 7)
MSRP: $139
Available: July 2010 (approx.)

Bike Nashbar - Always a Great Deal on Cycling

Bike Nashbar - Always a Great Deal on Cycling

Use coupon code FRIDAY13 at checkout

House Call Complete Bike Build - 2009 Mongoose Croix Elite Cyclocross Bike - U.S. Exclusive

Performance Bicycle - Bikes, bike accessories, bike gear, cycling equipment, cycling apparel, and more
Mongoose Croix Elite Cyclocross cross ride that's light enough to really attack the hills, sturdy enough to get you to the top in comfort and powerful enough to speed you through varying terrain...dare we say that it's easy enough!
  • Heat treated, 6061 aluminum cyclocross frame with a carbon fiber fork blends lightweight strength with vibration-damping performance
  • FSA Gossamer compact cranks offer the right amount of gearing for the hills and flats
  • SRAM Rival 20-speed drivetrain is built for serious and competitive riders who hammer on their gear day in and day out and demand technology that's durable and long-lasting
  • FSA aluminum handlebar, stem and SDG Bel Air saddle puts you in the perfect position for comfort and speed
  • Avid Shorty cantilever brakes combine excellent stopping power with minimal effort
  • Maxxis Locust tires provide excellent traction on a wide variety of terrain
  • Maddux Aero RX2.1 wheels cuts through the wind without compromising strength

Monday, November 9, 2009

Armstrong's Bikes Raise $1.2 million!

Lance Armstrong is what brought cycling back to America. He leaves and goes away from the sport for 2 years and the response was felt by all, bike companies to cable TV. The guy is amazing he auctions his 7 Tour bikes and raises a whopping $1.2 million to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s cancer research, awareness, and advocacy programs.

The auction represented the culmination of STAGES, a global art exhibition designed to raise both funds and awareness for cancer research, treatment, and prevention. Over 20 renowned artists devoted their expertise and created unique artwork to be showcased and ultimately auctioned off to benefit Armstrong’s cancer‐fighting foundation, LiveStrong.

As part of STAGES, Trek, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Nike and some of the most recognized and influential contemporary artists teamed up to create a unique collection of bicycles that "blur the lines separating art, culture, and technology." Armstrong raced the eye‐catching Trek Madone, TTX and Speed Concept bikes throughout his 2009 return to professional cycling.