Monday, December 29, 2008

Dirty Pictures, Cyclcross Portland

Cyclocross has been popular in Europe for a while now but the US is just catching on, as you can see by these photos. This new book show a side that many would think was in Europe rather than Portland. Dirty Pictures captures a great insight to Cyclocross in the US. Most hang up their bikes when the weather turns nasty but a small and growing number of us head into Cyclocross for a different sort of training. A cross between Mt. Biking and Road ridding, this inbetween and off season sport is what many need to reintroduce themselves to the sport they love, with a twist of course. Check out the book and a race, you will see why many are hooked.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Get In The Water's Fine.

Well January 1st is right around the corner and for many of us, it is the start of the season. Don't get worried the first month is easing back into the workouts. remember find the first triathlon that you want to do and work back from that one. So just get in, don't worry about workouts but more for time the first week in the pool. Go for a 1/2hr then slowly work to an hour and from there bring in the workouts. If you jump in to fast, well you could get burned out. This is a 9 month season for a lot and year round for others. Look at the beginning as getting out and try different things like Cyclocross or snow shoeing. Also try to remember the gym part of the early workouts, hit the gym, remember the core, try CrossFit it will help you find your core and how strong whiled you really are.
Happy Holidays

Monday, December 15, 2008

Xterra Wetsuits, Great Prices, Great Product

So the sales are starting and it seems as though Triathlon companies might be feeling the heat. When you see Velocity - Speedsuit going for $125 it is hard not to purchase, even if you don't need one, eventually you will. You can't argue with Xterra results on this product either, the Velocity is elegantly fast. Just ask the fastest swimmers at both the 2007 and 2008 Ford Ironman World Championship – they were First out of the Water. Or ask 5 of the top 8 age-grouper swimmers at the 2007 Ford Ironman World Championship, or the 1st 2nd and 3rd fastest age-group swimmers at the 2008 Ford Ironman World Championship. It’s so fast, it’s no wonder the Velocity is the number one choice when wetsuits are verboten. Approved by both USA Triathlon and FINA.
Now get your Christmas gift early I am sure this could replace your wetsuit at many events.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Birthday, New Years, Workout!

Well the new year is coming up fast, time to sign up for 2009 triathlon races. Also as most the gym gets packed, well start a real New Years Tradition, take a ride, run, swim or even a gym workout. There is something about starting the New Year off right, and I mean Jan. 1, 2009 not the 2nd or 3rd. Hopeful there will be snow on the ground if you like that sort of thing and just let yourself get lost.

So this is not just for the New Year how about a Birthday workout, I know most like to sit back and not do anything on their birthday but imagine each year the same workout, pick one from CrossFit and try to improve on that each year, getting older does not mean slower or weaker it just means another day.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Rollers, tough, challenging and one of the best workouts you can get. Why, well not only are you peddling to keep going but you must balance on 3 inch aluminum roller that are about 2 feet wide. So after about a 1/2 hour you will feel as though you have ridden for well over an hour. You are concentrating the whole time so watching TV is out of the questions, a little break in concentration and off you go. Start by rolling next to a poll (something to brace yourself with) getting going is the toughest part, the rest at the beginning is just learning to ride all over again. You will be surprised on how all over the place you really are, after you see how tough it is to bike in a straight line imagine what you look like on the road, weaving ever so slightly transferred into lost power remember the bike likes to go straight, it scrubs speed when you turn.

Not only do rollers provide the most awesome stationary workout with incredible real-world ride feel, but they're also simple to set-up, store and transport. For warming up before a race or watching the time fly by during an indoor ride, rollers offer the ultimate in versatility and simplicity.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Russian Kettlebell, Train Your Core.

Want to train your core, get strong for the upcoming triathlon season, start using Kettlebell's. If you think that you are in shape and have a great center, prepared to be humbled. Andrey Patenko from Russian Kettlebell House will run you through a great workout. First lets say if you are going to take a class, well make sure they are from the source, former Soviet Union should do it. Like Jiu-Jitsu you would take it from the source that has been perfecting it for generations, the Gracie's. KettleBell's are a total body workout and if you mix it with CrossFit you will see results almost instantly. Flexibility, power, strength and core are all addressed and the effects are felt for days.

Here is Russian Kettlebell House's Level One - For Beginners class
This four hour seminar and workshop is the ideal course for non-professionals and athletes alike, interested in safely and properly implementing kettlebell training in their workout. This step-by-step kettlebell experience includes:

Basic and fundamental kettlebell drills
The foundations and history of Russian kettlebell training
Basic kinesiology as it relates to kettlebell training
Acceleration/deceleration and ballistic movements, and its superiority in muscle, joint, ligament and skeletal healing, training and conditioning.
Systema for weight loss, longevity and reversing aging
Systema for breathing, energy, flexibility and healing
Kettlebell training safety and spotting techniques
For professionals we will teach you how to work with your clients, and how to integrate kettlebell training into your clients' health, rehabilitation and strength goals.
And much more ...

Gyms are great for pools, but a specialized Kettlebell workout with achieve more in a month than you could hope to get in a year at a gym. So go out and get a couple Kettlebell's and feel the effects that help you train better and feel better.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Training Peaks Gift Certificates

This is great TrainingPeaks gift certificate for your favorite athlete. Functional and practical, $119 for 12 months. Hooks into all watches and PC or MAC. You don’t have to be a Tour de France podium finisher like Cadel Evans to benefit from using TrainingPeaks. Whether your goal is to post your personal best ride time up your favorite hill, finish a local bike race or, like Cadel Evans, win the Tour de France, TrainingPeaks has the software tools to help you achieve success.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Local bike shops really pushing cycling to increase awareness is great. From cyclocross to triathlon night a talk about the sport we all love and enjoy. There are not many details on the website but any talk about triathlons are worth the trip. Jersey Area Multisport will be there talking up their club, as well as some USAT Level 1 Trainers.
Check it out, December 18th, 2008