Thursday, January 28, 2016

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

UK's First Indoor Mt. Bike Park. Dirt Factory

In light of how successful Ray's Indoor MTB Parks have been stateside, it's perhaps a little surprising that a similar concept has not yet popped up in the UK. With thousands of serious riders and fairly inclement weather conditions most of the year, you would have to think such a project would be met with instant success. Well, that is exactly what the team behind the "Dirt Factory" is betting on.

Regular participation in cycling can benefit people of all ages. The positive impacts on health and wellbeing are well documented. The social impact we aim to achieve through Dirt Factory is much more far reaching. Dirt Factory will be a community hub of riders, families and friends. We want to inspire people to have fun, be more confident on their bike and adopt cycling as part of their everyday life. Using the skills and experience gained at Dirt Factory, we believe riders will be enthused to ride more often. We have already established a number of partnerships with schools, universities, charities and community organisations keen to use Dirt Factory as a way to engage and develop their beneficiaries. Our plan is to house dedicated learning spaces and business incubator units within the infrastructure of Dirt Factory. We aim to provide learning, volunteering and employment opportunities to young people from communities across Greater Manchester.

Dirt Factory