Thursday, July 26, 2007

Triathlon Finder

I am one to promote a great site, and let me tell you is a great site. It is easy to use and has all the right links. You get to the site, have navigation to the left with states, once clicked a list of events for the 2007 year pop up. You scroll find your event and either go to or the events website.
It seems as though it is just starting out so make sure you support it in any way that you can. List them on your blog, advertise on there site, or just make sure you use them so that they can get more adsense.
Check them out!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Swimming in a Wetsuit

Swimming in a wetsuit is really different than in a tight speedo or spandex shorts. If the suit is a full (legs and arms covered), or a farmer john (trunk and legs covered) many different things can occur. First some will feel confined, buoyancy can be another problem, size, tracking, and heat can all be effects of a wetsuit. So what does this mean, get out before your event and swim in your wetsuit. Even if you are a seasoned triathlete get at least one workout in before the race (your last swim workout would be the best) so that you have a memory of what it feels like.

The other thing to consider is not to get into your suit to soon before the start of the race unless they allow you in the water to warm up. Many make this mistake and get overheated or just feel drained. Remember the wetsuit is tight and meant to keep water out and you warm, they don't work that great on land.

One last thing, for some a wetsuit is a blessing, it keeps you afloat and that can help certain a certain style of swimmer. If sink in the pool and feel as though you are kicking a lot to keep yourself moving then a wetsuit is great. Buoyancy in your lower half should be greatly increased allowing you to kick less or feel less fatigued at the end of the swim portion.

Cheers and get out and train!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Triathlon Tapering, Olympic Distance

Photo: Christof Koepsel/Getty Images
Tapering seems to be on everyone's mind lately, with several triathlons coming up, New York Triathlon and Mercer County Triathlon all need to be in full taper mode. So what does this mean? In short less work/time/milage at a race pace or faster, to get your system ready for the race ahead. puts it like this:
"In the last week before an Olympic-distance triathlon, your run training must be sharply reduced in volume so your body can fully recover from and adapt to the peak workouts you did the previous week.

In addition, you must include a modest amount of running at race pace or faster to ensure your neuromuscular system is primed. Cutting your peak tempo run and your peak transition run in half and eliminating the long run should do the trick. If you like, do this last, short transition run at a near-maximum effort level -- just so race pace doesn't seem quite so fast come Sunday!"
Full article and chart at:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Training in the Heat and Humidity

It's getting hot out, so how do you train? In the winter we are inside stuck to a treadmill or trainer, but in the summer who wants to be inside, but it's hot! For some the heat is a blessing for most the complete opposite, trouble breathing, overheating, muscle cramps, etc.. Your body needs to keep its temperature within a narrow range to be able to function effectively. The hotter it gets outside, the higher your core body temp becomes! Your heart rate will often rise whether you’re exercising or not.
So make sure you are ready and practice these tips
1) Acclimate Your Body
2) Hydrate Early and Often
3) Determine Your Losses
4) Dress for Success
5) Know Your Limits
6) Recovery
7) Your Age make a Difference
To learn more, please visit USA Triathlon's web site at

Friday, July 6, 2007

Pedal stroke, Proper Position

image courtesy of Road Hogs

Pedal stoke is one thing you need to get correct, you will find foot numbness, knee pain, thigh and calf strain, so make sure you get fitted when you start out. Bike shops that are any good will have a couple tools in their shop to help you achieve good bike position. A company called Slow Twitch has developed a process called F.I.S.T., Fit Institute Slowtwitch. "A proper road bike fit system is one that helps a rider adopt a road bike fit used by most of the better road bike riders. And a proper tri bike fit system will place triathletes in an optimized position for riding a bike outfitted with aero bars."
1) A trainer (bike trainer) with a riser ring keeping the bike level.
2) Knee Angle tool, making sure you have about 150 degrees
These two are the most important but read more at..