Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bike Doctor App!

Have you ever wanted to maintain your bike yourself?

Bike Doctor 2.0 has been created to make bicycle maintenance as simple as possible.

Not everyone is a technically minded bike mechanic. Sometimes, reading the instructions for a bike repair, it can feel that way. That's why we've designed Bike Doctor to be as easy to follow as possible. Making it suitable even for a complete beginner. It is an app I wish I had available to me, when I first started cycling.

Using the step by step instructions you will:
◆ Save money on bike shop repairs (Even a simple puncture repair in a bike shop costs upwards of $15)
◆ Know how to detect problems 
◆ Repair any issues that arise, such as squeaks and poor performance
◆ Learn how to safety check your bike to be sure it is always ready to ride
◆ Keep your bike running smoothly for years to come

Inside the Bike Doctor app you'll discover:
◆ How to repair and prevent punctures
◆ How to detect if your brake pads are worn out and replace them (Including Disk Brakes)
◆ How to clean your bike
◆ How to lubricate your bike
◆ The 7 rookie bicycle maintenance mistakes you should avoid
◆ How to adjust your headset
◆ How to wrap handlebar tape
◆ How to adjust your gears
◆ How to true a bicycle wheel
◆ How to fit a new chain and rear cassette(A very common yearly repair!)
◆ How to bleed disk brakes
◆ How to remove and replace a bottom bracket
◆ How to replace brake and gear cables
◆ And that's just scratching the surface! We've got all the most common repairs in the app and we're constantly asking for feedback from users of our app to discover what repairs they would like added - and then adding these in.

Bike Doctor 2.0 is the new version of the original best-selling Bike Doctor. The original version has been downloaded over 10,000 times and received coverage in some of the most popular cycling magazines including Bicycling and Cycling Plus. 

The Bicycle is the ultimate in independence - learn how to keep yours maintained and in tip-top condition to insure it is always ready to get you to your destination!

Here are some of the many 5 star reviews we've received:
"I'm over the moon with this app I read somewhere about truing wheels and it said don't bother unless you are a pro, but I've just sorted my wheels out a treat. The app paid for itself straight away."
"Great app, worth every penny saved money on a service already !!!!"
"This is a good App for the keen cyclist, as a Cytech technician I recommend this App."
"Excellent application with some nice clear photos. Explanations are concise but personal, the writer has a passion for cycling and it shows, which makes for a refreshing experience."
"Very comprehensive explanations, great photos, easy to use."

Bike Doctor has been created by Andreas Kambanis of London's most popular cycling blog: londoncyclist.co.uk.

For a video of the Bike Doctor App in action please head to bikedoctorapp.com

Monday, June 24, 2013

Fittest Cities in America

Want to live with healthy, active people?

If you’re looking for a healthy place to live, Minneapolis-St. Paul is probably a good choice. Despite heavy snow in the winter, it has a relatively high level of exercise--76% of people say they worked out in the last 30 days--and a high number of sports facilities (including the highest number of baseball diamonds per capita: 5.1 per 10,000 people).
The 10 fittest cities:
• Minneapolis-St. Paul
• Washington D.C
• Portland, Oregon
• San Francisco
• Denver
• Boston
• Sacramento, California
• Seattle
• Hartford, Connecticut
• San Jose, California.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Best Triathlon Gear: 15 Essentials - Gear Patrol

Another from Gear Patrol The only thing that needs to change is the running shoes, they should be Newton Running http://www.newtonrunning.com/shop/men-running-shoes/distance-lightweight-performance-trainer.

Backcountry.com: The Goat � Blog Archive � Minneapolis Named Most-Fit City in the U.S., and Oklahoma City Least-Fit

From The Goat
A study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine has named Minneapolis the most fit city in America, with D.C., Portland, San Francisco, and Denver rounding out the top five. The most unfit place to live in America is Oklahoma City. The study measures things like how many people walk or bike to work, as well as the prevalence of things like obesity and diabetes. In Oklahoma City only about 2.6% of people bike to work, while in Minneapolis about 7.6% of residents bike or walk.  Gear Junkie asks if this makes Oklahoma City the new “Fat City USA”? I say, “Yes, you’re off the hook Milwaukee!”
via Gear Junkie

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Best Triathlon Bikes - Gear Patrol

Wow this years bikes are amazing and the price is even better. Now if you are going the true distance or even half you should invest in a true tri bike and these are some of the best. Now the one missing, most likely price, the Cannondale Slice, PURE SPEED.
Full Listing --- Gear Patrol

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Best For any Budget Road Bikes! Gear Patrol

From Gear Patrol
You have to start somewhere so why not the Cannondale SuperSix EVO Black Inc. roughly $14,000.

The SuperSix EVO is the ultimate road racing machine. Designed to be the perfect blend of all the key factors of performance - weight, stiffness, strength, compliance, handling and aerodynamics - the EVO is so good that Tour magazine in Germany named it the "Best Bike in the World" (Mar 2012)
The rest fall into line

Raleigh Militis 3 $6,500
Pinarello ROKH $4,100
Trek Domane 4.5 $2,700
Scott Speedster S30 $1,090

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Top 5 Triathlon Swimming Problems And What You Can Do About It

Let’s face it....an open water triathlon swim can be a bit uncomfortable. Whether it’s the large crowds of people pushing or elbowing on the beach or in the water for precious space, the physical adrenaline rush of the race start, or simply the fact that swimming is potentially the most “dangerous” part of a triathlon, swimming problems are something every triathlete has to deal with. Heck, I’ve personally been racing triathlons for nearly ten years, and I still get nervous before mass triathlon swim starts - not to mention a little apprehensive about what type of open water conditions I might experience. I’ve spoken with many experienced professional triathletes who still have occasional “panic attacks” during the swim, in which they simply need to stop swimming for a little while, tread water, and catch their breath and their nerves. There are 5 primary problems that tend to be issues during the triathlon swim. So here they are, along with what you can do about each one. TOP 5 from EverymanTri

Friday, June 14, 2013

Got you covered.Ass Savers

Ass Saving Techniques from Ass Savers on Vimeo.
We are five designers based out of Gothenburg, arguably the wettest city in all of Sweden. We also have unimaginably tiny satellite offices in Amsterdam (seriously tiny) and San Francisco (moderately tiny).
Sadly or gladly, none of us has matured past the point of twelve year old boys when we saw the world brought to life as we frenetically propelled ourselves as fast as we could down the streets. It’s out of these memories of this pedal-powered love that we create products to celebrate and encourage the joy of biking.
It is also our belief that we have an obligation to design responsibly to protect the environment as much as we can. You won’t find nasty materials or unnecessary packaging on any Ass Savers product, just read our view on the environment to see how serious we are about saving your ass and the earth’s at the same time.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Swami's Made To Order Wetsuit!

Swami's made-to-measure wetsuits

Introducing our 3/2 full suit available for ladies and gentlemen
£295 *intro price for summer 2013
Why opt for a tailor made wetsuit?
We've worked closely with Snugg Wetsuits to develop a range of unique suits and to offer a made-to-measure service. Snugg have made premium quality wetsuits in England since 1982.
Off-the-peg vs. a crafted tailor made suit
Sounds obvious but increased warmth and performance is in large part down to a simple matter of a better fit.
Helping keep excess water from entering the suit and pooling against the body's vital organs as well as avoiding the extra weight of a water logged suit.
With a made-to-measure suit the fit will keep you warmer so you're not expelling precious additional energy. This decreases body fatigue and ultimately improves your surfing performance.
1. Ultraspan stretch neoprene (the most flexible material on the market) offers improved heat retention and gives a better wearing experience. Ultraspan provides enhanced comfort and reduces water resistance allowing for an unprecedented range of movement.
2. The "smoothskin" we use on our 3/2 suits across the upper arms, chest, back and neck is generally used for triathletes to give maximum flexibility and a low coefficient drag - it basically makes you more aerodynamic! It's made by Yamamoto and milled from limestone rather than petroleum which better for the environment.
3. Single lined "smoothie" neoprene on the arms and chest is durable and excellent at repelling wind & water.
Our look and style is very paired down so as not to distract from the materials and construction. Branding is kept to a stealth minimum. It is essentially a classic style cut using contemporary materials and technologies.
How to order
Our 3/2 model is our first release for the summer. If you're interested in a suit please drop us a line and we'll email you our tailor's guide as well as giving you more information on the service.
Features: • Made in England. • Combining 3mm in the torso area and 2mm neoprene on the arms and lower legs • Double glued, blindstitched and heat-sealed taped seams, super soft knit lining • Anti-rash "smoothskin" neck roll • Heavy duty YKK waterproof zip • 3/2 wetsuits are Ideal for water temperatures in the low to mid-60s

Switch Aero System!

Quick-Release Aerobars + Dual-Position Seatpost: Switch back and forth on-the-fly between a road position and an aero position.
"...here is a cool new solution that will help you achieve new milestones in the sport without spending a bunch of money." - TriJuice
"Upstart company Redshift Sports promises to add that same capability to nearly any road bike with its new Switch Aero system, while making the conversion much easier, too." -BikeRadar

Get the Most Out of Your Road Bike

The Switch Aero System lets you get the most out of your road bike. The system’s Quick-Release Aerobars and Dual-Position Seatpost allow you to transition on-the-fly between your normal road position and a true aero position, without even slowing down. The system is perfect for cyclists, triathletes, or anyone looking for a comfortable and aerodynamic alternate riding position.