Friday, May 29, 2009

Mercedes Benz Road Bike

Here we go again first thanks for Carbon Fiber Gear for breaking this story and show ing the image.
So why do bike companies feel the need to build bikes, they barley can hang on with selling cars. MB USA tried this once before and not sure how well it did, this time a loaded SRAM red component set. If you have the money and can beat the 99 other people hoping in line to purchase a $9,000 MB bike have fun, it might help their bottom line.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Core Workout and getting stronger!

Spending day after day on the bike or in the pool, running countless miles, might drive you nuts. So on the days that you have a core workout session head to a Gracie Academy for some Jui-Jitsu training. Why not branch out and learn something new, strengthen your tendons and find your center. The Gracie's have been doing it since 1925, family owned and taught, you can't say that about to many places. Size and strength are not a factor, learning the moves and getting taped out will teach you and help you progress. Hey if you just want to learn the moves, join their Ezine and receive their newsletter.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Steve Larsen Dies During Running Workout

WOW big shock to the endurance world, Steve Larsen dies after a running workout.
A married father to five children and multisport business entrepreneur with a professional sports background that spanned from road cycling, MTB, Track and Cyclocross to triathlon, Steve Larsen passed away on Tuesday evening in the midst of a track workout. It is reported that he collapsed on the track and CPR was administered, but he could not be revived.

Steve had retired from his professional career as a triathlete in 2003, and had run his own bike shop business before moving on to commercial real estate. However, he returned to the pro ranks in 2008, placing 3rd overall at the Vineman 70.3 and posting a 9:19 in Kona. But instead, Steve felt his greatest athletic accomplishment in 2008 was raising funds for Challenged Athletes Foundation Operation Rebound at the CA 70.3. More from

Monday, May 18, 2009

Finis Hydro Hip, getting the rotation right!

Changing or improving your stroke can gain you valuable time, so how after many years of swimming a certain way can this be achieved. Well one is to hire a USAT certified coach or spend time in a swim clinic. There are other ways and Finis can help, with Hydro Hip
Improves core strength and stroke efficiency. The fin placement on each hip creates resistance which forces the swimmer to rotate their hips at the top of the stroke when the greatest amount of core strength exists. Development of this timing assists in a powerful hip snap for improved stroke efficiency and distance per stroke. @ $30 you can't lose.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A bill that creates fines for motorists who mistreat cyclists

So it seems that a bill was signed in Colorado that protects the rights of cyclist.
Gov. Bill Ritter plans to sign a bill here today aimed at protecting the rights of cyclists.
The measure (Senate Bill 148) requires that drivers give cyclists at least three feet of space when passing or risk a $110 ticket.
Anyone who throws an object at a cyclist could be charged with a class 2 misdemeanor. That carries a fine of between $250 and $1,000 and a possible sentence of three to 12 months in jail.
The bill was sponsored by a bipartisan pair of avid cyclists - Republican Sen. Greg Brophy and Democratic Rep. Mike Merrifield. It will take effect Aug. 5.

Now lets start to crack down on the cars that buzz cyclist.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Staying Safe and Secure. keeping you under wraps!

After a long season or during you might need some support. Well Bauerfeind is here to help. They have knee, shoulder, ankle and back support, the Omotrain is great for those swimmers.
A little bit about the company.
Bauerfeind Orthopedics is the market leader that sets the standard in therapeutic supports and orthoses for the locomotor system. The products (e.g. GenuTrain) are used for the treatment of injuries, degenerative changes and after surgery – for rapid recovery and mobilization

Friday, May 8, 2009

iPhone as a compass

So with everyone trying to build the next best GPS, one device is still better than two. From watches to phones. If what they are saying is true and who knows, the iPhone is one of the most mocked up device, meaning anyone with photoshop can make it look to be true. If they are putting a compass in the next iPhone this could open up a ton of possibilities. One can only hope and wait till June.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Golden GT Bike, a great concept

Every sport should steal this concept, have a totally tricked out bike and the person who wins the race gets to use it at the next event, professionally set up and components replace. This would be great for the sport of Triathlons, since the bikes get quite expensive. Here is GT Bikes idea in a nut shell.

"Meet the GT Golden Bike. It’s light. It’s fast. It’s got the best frame and components anywhere. Oh, and did we mention it’s completely gold? Starting on April 19th, the Golden Bike will be up for grabs at races around the country. Win the race, win the bike. It’s that easy. But there’s a catch. Winning the Golden Bike means you have to defend it at the next Golden race. Don't worry, we'll cover your race fee, put you up in a hotel and fly you and a friend there. We'll also give you a GT Golden Race jersey and a $250 Sugoi gift certificate. But you’d better win or you’ll surrender the Golden Bike and all its glory to whoever does. With all that said, good luck winning the Golden Bike. You’ll need it."

So imagine a triathlon series like this, first you get a wetsuit or speed suit (golden of course) then a tricked out tri bike followed up with a sweet pair of running shoes and some price money of course. What a following you could get.

Just a thought way to go GT.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bark Paddleboards, great core workout!

Nothing beats changing things up during the season like a paddleboard. Challenging, a great core workout and getting in touch with surroundings. Some things that are missed when triathletes look out into the water before a start is what is happening, tied, wind direction, swells. Getting out on a board and feeling the ocean will hep you in the swim.

Bark paddleboards are simply the fastest things in the water—more races have been won on Bark paddle craft than any other brand. The reason is simple: no surf/paddleboard designer has logged more time on the water than Joe Bark. Joe’s complete range of boards— from his world famous unlimited-class and stock paddleboards, to his innovative stand-up paddleboards (featuring Bark’s exclusive tiller system) coastal touring boards, guns and longboards—are all tested, refined, hand-shaped and finished right here in Southern California. Contact Joe today and have him make one for you. or by phone (310) 375-8135