Friday, January 11, 2008

Take the tech toys of your ears!

You can't read this enough or seem to explain it to those hell bent on having, phones (bluetooth), iPod or CD's, whatever stuck to their ears. So the South Wales Police Force in Australia has taken this approach, showing a "ear bud outline" to show a person dead. as well as Outside with a article called Buzz Killers.
Understanding the need to be able to push yourself with music and play list that you have made to get through a 5k, 10k half or full marathon, but keep those to trail runs or treadmills at the gym. Once in a race situation, please leave them at home. At most races they are not allowed, regardless if you see others using them. Taking time away from course officials policing traffic to make sure you obey the rules is a waste of their time, and truthfully hurting the event. Think if someone gets hurt during that event cause they were wearing ear buds, or a Bluetooth headset. Be Careful and think of others when it comes to race time.