Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Take Out The Discomfort When Cycling!

If you are a relatively new rider, you may not know how to prevent the most common mistakes that can lead to physical discomfort during a ride. Even if you have been riding for a long time you can slip into bad habits, and end up hurting more than is necessary.
  1. Warm up/Cool down - Allowing your body to gradually come up to 'operating temperature' at the beginning of a ride, and then pedaling a few extra minutes at a very easy intensity at the end of your ride, can both go a long way toward minimizing muscle soreness and increasing both recovery from riding, and adaptation to training.
  2. Eye Wear - To reduce the risks of this occurring, try wearing sunglasses during every ride.
  3. Pain in the neck - Try to avoid riding in the same position all of the time.
  4. Saddle Sore - Investing in a good quality pair (or two) of bike shorts, and then cleaning them after EVERY ride can go a long way toward helping you avoid saddle sores.
  5. Lubrication - Speaking of that 'private area,' we can't discuss saddle sores without also mentioning lubrication. Though there are a lot of favorite lubes among many different riders, after trying many different things, I've come to rely upon A&D ointment as the best and least expensive lube. 'Chamois Butt'r' also works well.
  6. Stem Length - Clearly, the most important thing you can do is to have a good fit session with an expert.
  7. Numb Hands - To keep your hands from going numb always wear gloves during a ride and try a handlebar cushion or some thick bar wrap.
  8. Back Aches - If you are experiencing some pain, get the advice of a fit expert to be sure you are set up properly, and then remember to include some 'core' training as part of your regular routine.
  9. Foot Relief - To increase circulation to your feet you should vary your pedaling techniques (working the 'box') so that you are not putting undo stress on one area.
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