Saturday, September 27, 2008

Off Season - Triton Swim Trainer

Perfect for when you can't get in the water and for the days when you just want dry land training. A swim bench is great for this, Triton Fitness has come up with one of the most ergonomically swim devices on the market;

The Triton is to swimming what a treadmill is to running. And so, efficient freestyle swim training can now be accomplished in a 'totally dry' home or health club setting. For any swimmer or triathlete, swimming is a matter of proper technique and endurance; understanding how to move your body correctly and then practicing it over and over until it becomes habit. Practicing proper swim form is the key to becoming a capable and competitive swimmer. The Triton was designed with that in mind and encourages those using it to execute a correct freestyle swim stroke. It allows swim athletes to customize their freestyle stroke paths to replicate exactly how arms move through the water during pool workouts or competition, thus taking dryland to a much higher level of neuromuscular and training benefit. A perfect swim coaching device.
Check it out! Triton Fitness