Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Mini and Airstream, Travel to Tri's in Style

Always trying to book the next hotel/motel room, the W to expensive, well why not travel in style, get good gas milage and your own bed. Well it seems as though MINI and Airstream have teamed up for the ultimate in travel Clubman joins Airstream.
"Together with Danish furniture designer, Republic of Fritz Hansen, the companies have created a concept Mini Cooper S Clubman coupled to a matching 22-foot Airstream trailer with a "down-by-the beach" feel. There's a gallery and press release (after the jump) to explain the theme in detail, but basically the Clubman features neoprene seat covers, a surfboard on the roof and some scuba gear in the boot, while the trailer is a drop side Airstream with funky modern furniture by Fritz. It's a cool bit of kit that we'd be happy to take on a trip down the coast." from Autoblog