Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tri-sition Area, Great shop, selling Newton Shoes

There seem to be a lot of shops online but one that stands out for Triathlon gear is Tri-sition Area not only are they a store that sells goods but they are dedicated to Newton Running always a plus.

Tri-Sition Area is a place for Triathletes by Triathletes.

We are a mulifaceted shop that strives to meet the needs of each customer who walks through the door. Whether a beginner or a seasoned Ironman veteran, we are here to meet your every need.

What seperates us from other bike shops:
Experienced staff of triathletes.
Tri-Specific F.I.S.T certefied bike fit studio.
Endless Pool available for rental, assesment, coaching, or wetsuit trial.
Wide range of tri-specific products.
Associated coaches who offer all ranges of coaching and testing services, from individual assesment to full training plans.