Tuesday, March 9, 2010

10 Quick Tips for Using A Triathlon Wetsuit

10 Quick Tips for Using A Triathlon Wetsuit | Trifuel

Let's face it - the task of choosing a triathlon wetsuit can be difficult enough, but once it arrives at your doorstep in all it's rubbery glory, how should you actually begin using it? What are some changes that will be necessary to your swim stroke or pre-swim and post-swim rituals? These 10 quick tips will vastly help you prepare for using your triathlon wetsuit.
10. Don't panic. When you first put on a triathlon wetsuit, especially if it's a new one, you might feel a little claustrophobic and short of breath. Don't worry...that's completely normal. After the first few uses, it will loosen up a little bit. Excessive tightness will also be helped with the tip below.
9. Pull the sleeves and wetsuit legs far enough up your arms and legs. Too many triathletes wear a wetsuit like their sweatshirts or pants - pulled all the way down to the bottom of their wrists and the ankles. To allow for adequate freedom of rotation, pull your triathlon wetsuit about an inch or two higher than you would normal clothing, then pull that extra slack that this creates up into the shoulders and the hips.
8. Shave. Yes, this is for you guys, and maybe some of you ladies too. You'll slide in and out of your triathlon wetsuit much easier if you don't have all that hairy friction holding you back. Not only does this free up time for more swimming during practice and training, but your race transitions will of course be faster as well.