Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Penny Farthings Pushbike Parking | The Green Pod

Why oh, why can't US get to this point. Bums find a new place to hide and shower. How many more people would ride to work if they knew they could shower and park/lock their bike without it getting stolen or scratched.

Start the movement and demand The Green Pod.

The Green Pod is a high quality 'end of trip' facility for cyclists that can be integrated into indoor and outdoor applications.

The Green Pod is the size of a car park and comes in two configurations:
1) 1 Shower, 1 Change Room, 10 Bicycles, 10 Lockers
2) 2 Showers, 2 Change Rooms, 28 Lockers, 28 bicycles

The Pod has been designed to operate on 12V DC system that can be powered by solar panels on the roof. The Pod consist of a solar hot water system, electronic locking system, LED lighting activated by motion sensors, a grey water treatment unit that discharges grey water into green areas, timed showers and a self cleaning mechanism.

The Pod utilizes an innovative self cleaning system which ensures users enjoy a high standard of sanitation without the cost of daily cleaning.

• High Quality
• Sustainable Construction
• Encourages sustainable lifestyles
• Flexibility to meet demand increases
• Low establishment and operational costs