Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Faster Marathon

Want to go faster follow these steps from Everyman Tri
The Golden Rule of Surviving Marathon Training: Less is More.

Training and running more will not lead to better results. If anything, it will lead to a break down of the muscles and the mind. Simply stated, this is too much running and the exact reason why runners who run so many days/miles per week in a heavy marathon training program experience common injuries such as shin splints, IT Band syndrome, tendinitis, knee pain, etc.

To get better and be better, rest days are just as important as running day, and a 4 day training week is an ideal way to achieve perfect marathon training program balance.

What Does a 4 Day Training Week for Marathon Look Like?

A marathon training program that can produce fantastic results for busy runners includes four days per week of quality running. Each run has a different focus and varies with pace, distance, and effort level. A combination of these run workouts is an excellent balance of challenging the body to prepare for running a 26.2 mile event. Furthermore, the built in rest days allow muscle recovery and injury prevention.

An example of the 4 day training week:

-Mon: Active Recovery

-Tues: Speed workout (i.e. 3-4x 1-mile repeats at tempo with 2:1 work:rest ratio)

-Wed: Easy Run (i.e. 5-10 miles aerobic)

-Thurs: Active Recovery

-Fri: Intervals or Hill workout (5-10x steep 1-2 minute hill repeats with walk or jog down)

-Sat: Active Recovery

-Sun: Long Run (10 - 20miles that include race pace intervals and fast finishes)

Your longest long run should be 20 miles and you would do a training build-up to this distance over the course of sixteen weeks. Three weeks before the marathon race will be a taper, during which you gradually reduce mileage.