Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kuat Trail Doc

Light is the way to go and Kuat Innovations is the leader in light for bike racks.

Think of the Trail Doc as a third arm, there to help you out when you need a little assistance for bike repairs or just cleaning your chain. It's there when you need it but tucks away neatly when you don't. Most of the time it is pretty convenient to only have two arms. Think about all of those first dates, even though a third arm might be a great conversation starter, it could severely limit your number of second dates. Kuat is here to give you the benefits of the third arm without all of those awkward dating and tailoring scenarios.

  • Fits Tube Sizes from .75" to 2.75"
  • 8 position 360 Degree Rotation
  • Lever Action for Easy Rotational Adjustments
  • Telescoping Tube for Varried Vehicle Heights
  • The Trail Doc uses the vehicle as it's base so there is no need to worry about unlevel ground or bikes being unstable during maintenance
  • Trail Doc can easily be mounted to Kuat Sherpa, Thule T2, Yakima Hold-Up, and the Saris CycleOn/Cycle On Pro