Monday, June 6, 2011

Route 29 36KM TT(T)

Get in shape and get fast for the tri season. The Route 29 36km time trail, fast and relatively flat.

About PA/NJ Bike Racing

After living in Indiana for a number of year’s, I decided to move to central PA to raise my family. If you drive with three kids in the car from IN to Philly to visit family, you would understand the desire to live a bit closer than 10 hours. Within a relatively short period of time, I was able to find some excellent time trial venues. I had experience putting on bike races back in IN and felt that PA needed a structured monthly TT series. The Carlisle TT and SMHC venues were easy to find as these were my old training routes when I went to school at Shippensburg University. A great place to get started bike riding btw. I met Joanne there and we biked all over Cumberland County together.

The Carlisle TT has a great flow to it and has been well received and the South Mountain Hill Climb is one of the best climbs in Central PA…Nothing too steep but the climb with its long distance takes its toll on you…The Clarks Valley venue is simply awesome. A road that goes on for 25 miles without a traffic light or stop sign is ok by me. The new proposed state tt venue is even better, hopefully I will be awarded that event.

The Route 29 35 KM TT(T) is a sweet place to ride your bike and to TT on. I originally wanted to do a tt on the PA side of the border near New Hope, PA as I typically ride around there when I get a chance. I took some bridge across to the NJ side and I stumbled across Route 29. It was like are you kidding me, shoulders that are wider than most bike roads and fairly flat terrain begged for a long TT to happen here on a monthly basis. It was a natural fit. A bit of drive from Carlisle, PA but we get a great turnout and the riders have been so supportive and nice. I also get a chance to see my family and all which has been a positive experience for me and the kids. We look forward to them each month.