Monday, April 2, 2012

Lance @ Galveston

Being lance is tough, it is great for the sport of Triathlons, just not so sure Lance is feeling the love. I can only imagine the struggle of being a world renowned cyclist and then trying to repeat the feats in one of the toughest competitions around. If you watch the video, most people respect the shoot, coming down and passing Lance in the shoot (was a tie on the results) was a little disconcerting, passing people before the shoot when you know you have a shot, but when you are slapping hands, showing the love to the people who come out to watch it, then get passed at the line, well to me is wrong. buck up and show it on the course.

Second, if you notice in the video, his kids are at the line and Lance just keeps walking, Ironman Triathlons are down right tough. Keep it up Lance, what you are doing for Triathlons is exceptional.

Jordan Jones you might want to rethink how you score a 6th place finish. Passing Lance while he is giving love to fans is no way to get ahead.