Friday, September 21, 2012

Ford SVT Raptor, Great Tri Truck

It is always great to see other companies put trucks through their paces, real world stuff. What would be nice is how "real" people use their truck. Hauling people, cargo and tow. Bikes, racks, rocks, what happens over time, do they stand up. Pushing, pulling, snow and stumps, rocks and tree.

 Now we all know that the pickup has evolved, not really doing pickup duties anymore, more guys who want to think they are doing something manly, but have a yard service and snow removal. Also the price has jumped from the 20k to roughly over 50 if you want to haul a family of 4. 

So what car would win, in real world test. I know around me 4wheeling is a past time, maybe getting a good snow and using the system but for the most part most trucks have turned into a guys version of the mini van.

That being said if you want the best truck watch below..