Friday, November 16, 2012


CrossFit the name that has redefined fitness, for good or bad, it is now a household name, very similar to "you drive like Mario Andretti". Amazing 10 years and millions of dollars later you have one of the biggest shifts in the industry happening. So just like a gym, CrossFit founder makes money, lots of money.

"CrossFit affiliates pay a $3,000 annual licensing fee, and their trainers must successfully complete CrossFit’s $1,000 level one course to get certified.
Greg Glassman says 5,000 CrossFit studios are in operation around the world with 400 more in the pipeline."
So that is a total of $15,000,000 million a year in fees annually, at least $5000 million from level one courses,  amazing and Greg Glassman owns it all. You wonder why everyone is trying to capitalize on the success, well the dollars show you why. Billions of dollars are stake in the fitness world, So when looking at programs and how to succeed CrossFit has laid the ground work, many should adapt this practice.