Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to Prevent Running Blisters

How to Prevent Running Blisters
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Tricks of the Trade

Form and footwear are the two most important factors, but why not bolster those with some technology? If you have a specific spot that's particularly prone to blistering there are a lot ways to help protect it. The simplest solution is to apply a lubricant that won't rub off. BodyGlide goes on nice and light, but it's very resilient and generally won't come off with water alone. For longer runs you might want to go with something thicker like Aquaphor, which will stand up a little better to salt water.
If you think moisture is playing a big role in your blistering, you can try adding talcum or Gold Bond powder to your socks, which may help sop up the moisture. Or, you can try spraying your feet with an anti-perspirant to cut down the sweat.
Some advocate adding a layer of armor. If you try to protect the area with a padded, adhesive strip like moleskin, make sure you cut the piece to fit the blister area perfectly. Other people suggest putting duct tape on the affected area. You have to be careful with either of those methods, though, because if an edge starts to peel and the armor bunches up, you'll be a whole lot worse off. For this reason, some people recommend products such as liquid bandages instead. For all of these, make sure what you're putting on is smooth and thin, otherwise you may make things worse.