Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Neila Rey, Illustrated Workouts, Programs, Challenges and Nutrition Tips!

What a great site and visual representation of hundreds of workouts. Neila Rey has done an amazing job, visualizing no-weight workouts, meaning you can do this all in the comfort of you house with no gym equipment. Who ever illustrated the movements did a wonderful job and who ever came up with the names for some of the workouts did a great job.

Did I mention this is all free, you can donate and I would recommend doing so.


Individual no-equipment workouts are added almost every week. To keep things fresh, you can either pick one at random or use a filter at the bottom of the page to find a workout that will suit you more, depending on whether you would like to lose weight or/and define muscle tone. These are all tested routines, some of them are harder than others, some are themed and Sci-Fi inspired and some are more to the point. You have plenty of options you can choose from. Don't forget to read the manual
Try not to stay with one routine for too long or your body will adjust and optimise to it and you’ll stop seeing results. I suggest you pick 3-4 different workouts per week and perhaps pick up a challenge to stay committed.
Challenges are designed to keep you accountable and help you stay motivated. Some of them have targets like getting to 50 push-ups in a month and others are there to help you supplement your training. If you don’t know where to start or you have never tried working out at home before, taking up a challenge is a good way to help your body adjust for daily exercise. 
There are no rest days in my challenges, but some days are easier than others to compensate for that. I believe it is more important to stick to something continuously rather than take a break and then give up on the whole thing. Stay committed and just do what you can, rest times are guidelines only - you don’t have to kill yourself if you can’t go on any further, just keep on showing up every day. Unless specified otherwise, the amount of reps is per day and is a total, you don’t have to do everything in one go. That way you can work at your fitness level. 
Programs are complete sets of daily routines. Currently I have 30 Days of Change [30DOC] and 90 Days of Action [90DOA] available for a free download. The main difference between the two is that the 30 Days of Change requires you do a lot of walking, jogging and running outside and the 90 Days of Action has all at-home cardio routines and challenges. So it depends on what kind of program you are looking for and what fits your lifestyle better, both will help you get in better shape and tone up, both come with cardio, strength and ab routines and have been thoroughly tested by me personally and by a group of volunteers. I also have a few running programs if it’s something you would like to try. 
Tips & Motivation is a collection of practical posts to help you begin your journey and then stay on track. Since I am not looking for clicks and I am not selling ads on this website, I only post material I myself find useful and worth reading. 
Nutrition is the edible extension of the tips and motivation section. That’s where I post all of the nutrition and healthy eating tips. 
Recipes section is the newest addition to the website. When you train you don’t have the time or the energy to cook and you end up with all the wrong things on your plate. So my goal is to test and come up with the best healthy, quick and easy, but affordable recipes that anyone can do. I only post recipes I myself make on a regular basis and I would recommend to my friends.