Monday, November 2, 2015

Simple, Easy Switch From Your Normal Watch Band

Ruler icon for compatibility feature


SHIFT band comes ready to fit many
watches, including Apple* Watch, Pebble, most spring-pin watches and many Garmin watches. See COMPATIBILITY OVERVIEW
Feather icon for ultra-lightweight feature


Comfortable and snug fit that
weighs approximately 50% less
than traditional bands.
Icon symbolizing materials


Designed in Norway, SHIFT has durability
and comfort at its core. In case you
didn’t know, Norwegians are fanatic
about the performance, function and
comfort of their gear!
Icon with left and right arrows.


SHIFT flows with whatever side you
favor, offering an easy fit for both
left- and right-handed users (as well 
as those who like to change it up).
Icon for easy fit


SHIFT goes on and off easier and
faster than a normal band.
When it's on, it is secure- You’re going to love it, we promise.
Icon with 3 arrows symbolizing adjustability


SHIFT band has an adjustable
strap that fits petit to large size
wrists and comes with 3 loop
sizes to ensure custom fit.