Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Swimming: Master Breathing

Photo, Underwater by Rowell Spencer,
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I was asked the other day, how do I catch my breath while swimming? First, make sure you breathe out all of your air before you rotate to take a breath. This is not like running or biking where we can get a breath anytime we like, part of establishing a good breathing technique is more swimming and becoming comfortable in the water. The more you swim the better everything gets.
Here are some good pointers:
•On a 100 yard freestyle (4 laps of a 100 yard pool) break up the laps into sections, on the first 25 breathe every 3rd stroke, the next 25 breathe every 4th stroke, next 25 every 5th stroke and last 25 on the 6th stroke. This will take some time to get used to but it is a great drill, especially if you are doing triathlons where sometimes you have to switch up your breathing in a pack full of people.
• Side kicks are great to practice, make sure you are rotating while you are taking a breathe not just turning you head.
• Extend your arms, make sure you are reaching with the opposite arm keeping you moving through the water.
If you would like to know more read The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimmingby Kevin Koskella