Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hydration, training and racing in the heat

We all have our way to stay hydrated or think that we are hydrated. An easy way to tell if you are dehydrated is if you stop sweating, this is one of the first signs. In the northeast the heat, humidity, can be just as bad as the cold, and who want to go inside and run on a treadmill. Train like you would race.
First and foremost drink plenty of liquid before a race, being hydrated starts days if not a week before. Some people like Gatorade, some like Accelerade while other like Cytomax it all depends on what is best for YOU!
Jennifer Hutchinson has some great points on Hydration:
"Anyone who has raced in Hawaii, Arizona or in any other notoriously toasty Ironman conditions is aware that how well one can take the heat can determine who has a great day or who goes home unfulfilled. Successful racing in hot conditions depends on how well the body is able to adapt to the heat (acclimatization)." read more, from IRONMAN training tips...