Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Right Running Shoes

Finding the right running shoes will help from getting injured. With the new running shoes coming out, it might be a little hard to find the one that you like. Newton Running shoes were designed by runners for runners to mimic the advantages of barefoot running, Then you have Nike Free which kind of doing the same sort of thing as the Newton but Nike does not seem to have the actuator lugs which help when pushing off.

Action: When you forefoot strike with a Newton running shoe the actuator lugs stretch a membrane as they are pushed from the outer sole into the chambers of the mid-sole. This replaces the foam/air/gel used in the outer and mid-sole of traditional running shoes.

Reaction: As you begin to push off after striking, the membrane returns to its original shape pushing the actuators out from the mid-sole and returning the energy into forward propulsion.

Mimicking the barefoot running style and keeping on the toes seems to be the industries leading focus. For sometime it was the cushion in the heel, but things have changed and to run smarter, faster and with less injury keep it on the toes.
Now Think, Tri, Do!