Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wearing your GPS and freind Finder! ONeill's Navijacket

Being found is becoming a thing of the past, not such a bad thing when you are on a mountain. Especially if you are out of bounds, O'Neill has just release the NaviJacket, The NavJacket is the product of an inspired partnership between O’Neill’s Wearable Electronics Department - the H Division, and MyGuide - a market leader in delivering navigation solutions based on GPS technology.

The NavJacket instead allows you to easily navigate through the mountains with the help of the integrated display on the sleeve and the audio instructions in the hood.

Simply enter your desired location and let the NavJacket guide you effortlessly down the slopes.

And it doesn’t just stop with navigation. Your current speed, up-to-date local weather forecasts, and in-depth details about your route, such as distance and time have all been incorporated into the flexible display sleeve on the jacket using the latest technology.

Using your mobile phone connected to the GPS unit, 3D views of the resorts as well as points of interest throughout the resort will also be available.

An additional innovative feature of the NavJacket is a friend finder function, which will allow you to either track down friends, or choose to follow their path through the slopes.

Check it out! O'Neill