Saturday, March 29, 2008

2XU - Helpful Performance Gear

You have to love equipment that makes you feel faster. Speedo has done it with the LZR Racer, so far it has broken 5 or 6 world records, there must be something in Speedo's water. For 2XU it has been their compression suits they are great, so when they released their new Triathlon clothing one must take notice. Once you put it on it feels like a second skin, incredible thin and shed the water. You almost feel embarrassed it is the tight and fast.

"The Racepro range has been created with the short course athlete in mind. Ultra fast Hydrocell and Rollbar technology enduse valuable seconds are saved at every moment. Racepro garments ensure nothing is left to chance on race day."

Not only do you feel fast you look great and with companies like WINSKINS printing, that will take any product you buy and print your sponsor logo on them well the 2XU suit is design to handle a lot of product placement.

Now go get the 2XU Super Elite Tri Suit and get WINSKINS to make your sponsors happy.