Saturday, April 19, 2008

What it Takes, Film

This is a old film but one that will get you inspired to go train. It really show how and what it really take, what a elite Triahlete gives up. This year 2007 was a break out year for triahtlons, money was being made, USA Traithlon indicated their best year yet. So looking back 2006 really showed how far the sport has come in the last couple years.

What It Takes" follows 4 world-class triathletes around for a year, as they prepare for the world championships in October, 2005.

"At the very top end of the sport, there's a large pool of very good athletes. The physical differences between those athletes are minimal. The people that win are different due to character. That's the #1 thing I look for."
- Murphy Reinschreiber, Agent, PCH Sports

Now get it and get inspired.