Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wheeltags, simply brilliant!

What a way to break the seriousness of training and racing. Wheeltags is a great concept simple yet functional. Wheeltags, are stickers that affix to your black deep dish rims, series one for the spring consists of 13 different tags, plus you can choose custom, where the sky is the limit.

Weekend warriors and pro-teams alike deserve the right to speak their own rim-minds.
Change colors, add corporate logos, drop in text or get your monogram on, the rims are the only limit to your ideas, dreams and marketing needs.
Whatever your motivation may be, the wheeltags custom process is easy, painless and most rewarding.

"Wheeltags are stylized wheel signatures for your cycling personae. Celebrating the power of self-expression with bold colors and vibrant designs, Wheeltags allow you to challenge the nameless rim masses and breakaway from the pack. Tag your ride with the ultimate statement of individuality and roll with style."