Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter Biking

Looking for a good deal this time of year is right around the corner, Jenson USA has some great deals right now, take the Scott Cyclocross Comp a good bike that won't break the bank, wish the price way just a little better, still a great deal. Here is what Scott is saying:
he new CX Comp gets improved geometry and a sloping, hydroformed top tube for easier dismounts and improved stand over clearance. A carbon CX straight blade fork and Shimano 105 components make the CX Comp the perfect choice for the 'Cross fanatic on a budget.

With this type of prices $1049 and shipping just under $50 bike shops should beware, online is trying to survive just like everyone else. Sometimes online is better but you will still have to pay for tune-ups I guess that is where shops differ. If you can turn a wrench this deal might be for you. Plus it keeps you from staring at a TV all winter while you train.