Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bike racks for motorcycles, Johnny Racks!

Getting closer to the green movement is always nice, driving a Land Rover is nice but wouldn't you rather be ridding a BMW F 650GS much cooler way to show up at an event. The ride home could be tough but hey you can't win them all.
Road or Mountain, the Johnny Rack will carry most bicycles (tandems not included of course). The Johnny Rack requires special Motorcycle Adapters to fit the rack to the large number of different motorcycle models. The Adapters are designed to either mount to existing mounting points on the frame or mount directly to the frame of the motorcycle using what we call Frame Grabbers. NO drilling is required for the mounting. For ease of taking the rack on and off rack the Frame Grabbers can be left in place even when the rack is not installed.

The Motorcycle Adapters are attached to the Main Arm or Bicycle attachment portion of the Johnny Rack. The Main Arm holds the bicycle mount (Yakima BOA). The Johnny Rack secures the bicycle by the front fork and the down tube and special down tube pads protect the bicycle's paint and derailleur cables from damage.