Friday, September 25, 2009

Box Jumps Doing It Right!

Box Jumps will work the whole body make you faster, even impress your friends. By using very basic, versatile equipment and by working large, functional muscles, the box jump is an excellent way to jump to the next level of physical fitness and athletic ability.
From, eHow

Step 1
Set up your box. This is where the simplicity of the box jump comes in to play since you can use a variety of boxes at different heights to do the exercise. Use an aerobics step, a workout box or even a park bench to do a box jump. Set the box up so you have at least a few feet to move on either side.

Step 2
Warm up. The box jump requires a good amount of explosive power and muscle contraction in your lower body. Warming up these muscles is very important to get them flexible and ready to absorb the shock of the jump and the descent. Do about ten minutes of low level cardiovascular exercise followed by some stretching.

Step 3
Start with a warmup set. Stand in front of your box with your hands at your sides. With your feet roughly shoulder width apart, jump up onto the box, hold your position on top of the box for a count of one second and then jump back down. Begin your exercise session with sets of eight to twelve repetitions.

Step 4
Make the exercise dynamic. You will probably find that the exercise gets easier pretty quickly as you practice it. Add weight to the box jump by holding a dumbbell in either hand. If you want to add another level of complexity to the exercise, do lateral jumps where you stand to the side of the box and jump up and to the right or left.