Monday, September 14, 2009

Sand vs Road Running

You never know what is going to be thrown at you, the morning of a triathlon, changes happen all the time and it is how you adapt that helps you overcome. Switching from a road run to a sand run, most would run for the hills, not if you have been training in Newton running shoes.

"The genius behind the Newton running shoes is the patented Action/Reaction Technology™. When using the ultra-efficient Land-Lever-Lift midfoot or forefoot running gait, the technology absorbs and then returns your own energy back to you. It's not fancy technospeak, and it's no gimmick. It's a revolutionary way of building a running shoe based on Sir Isaac Newton's third law of motion – "For every ACTION, there is an equal and opposite REACTION." Loosely translated, it means you get a boost of forward energy with every single stride you take."

Learning to run in Newton's can help one achieve better performance, less injuries and the ability to take on different terrain. Now depending on the conditions of the sand hard packed, soft, watery the training is the KEY. If you choose to go without shoe and risk injury, training correctly so your body is used to the correct running style is key. Landing in sand on your heels will hurt plain and simple. Using Newtons Land-Lever-Lift and you can take the shoes off and run as fast if not faster than with shoes. Stanford university's coach Vin Lananna, has his athletes train barefoot in the grass.

Plain and simple the proper body position and training will help you overcome most obstacles.