Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Men's and Women's Chipper Workout

The chipper format is a classic CrossFit structure. You have a large number of tasks that you complete in order. They are designed so that as you fatigue in one task, you switch up the demands and keep going. There is a cumulative effect of course, but the variety allows for incredible metabolic demand.

The variety also becomes a great equalizer. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and when the workout has ten elements, both are likely to be featured.
Crossfit 2009 Games
Men's Chipper Workout
15 reps 155lb BB squat clean
30 Toes to bar
30 Box jumps 24" box
15 Muscle ups
30 PushPress /PushJerk 40lb DBs
30 Double Unders
15 reps 135lb Thruster
30 Pullups
30 Burpees
300' OH Walking lunge with 45lb plate

Women's Chipper Workout
15 barbell squat cleans (100 lb.)
30 toes to bar
30 box jumps (20” box)
10 muscle-ups
30 push presses/push jerks (25-lb. dumbbells)
30 double-unders
15 thrusters (95 lb.)
30 pull-ups
30 burpees
300’ overhead walking lunges (25-lb. plate)