Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Answering the Belltown - CrossFit Journal

Why $25 gets you more than you imagined.

"CrossFit Headquarters trainer Nadia Shatila has been on a crash course with CrossFit. While her work in non-profits was rewarding, she always found she was missing something, and her athletic background, love of group dynamics and passion for community were perfect for the CrossFit training environment.

“I always thought I wanted the corner office and a power suit, but most of my time was spent online browsing CrossFit,” she says.

The first opportunity to make a living doing what she really loved came in the form of training at a local big-box gym. In early 2009 she had formed a solid crew of CrossFitters at the big box, and by September they were kicked out. Apparently management didn’t have a sense of humor about a pile of flimsy “fitness bars” that had bent after being stacked unforgivingly with weight."

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