Monday, February 8, 2010

You say Blizzard I say Snowshoeing!

Hey we are all in some sort of build cycle getting ready for the season, well get some snowshoes and hit the trail. Don't let snow keep you on a treadmill or going outside thinking you could slip. Snowshoes are fun and at the same time, challenging. You will get your heart rate up in the first 100 yards simply by walking, now through a steady jog, BAM up it goes, now hills, BAM, even hire. Accomplishing what you might have in 8 miles is now five to six of the hardest miles you will every put in.

There is no better way to begin snowshoeing than just going and doing it. Take a risk, rent or buy a pair of snowshoes, dress for the elements and enjoy. However, that's just a start - there is more to it than just taking a refreshing plunge in some snow.

Snowshoeing has been around for thousands of years. And, obviously, the art of snowshoeing has become more sophisticated over time - now it's considered a winter sport. From the early wood-frame to the aluminum-frame models, snowshoeing has garnered quite a following throughout the world. Modern day snowshoeing is made up of casual snowshoers who hike trails for pleasure, the snowshoeing enthusiasts who trek through the backcountry, and the competitors who race.