Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Learning the Handstand Push-Up

One of the most brilliant ways to learn how to do a handstand and handstand Push-Ups.

Join gymnast Carl Paoli, Kim Bozman and HQ trainer Adrian (Boz) Bozman as they teach handstand fundamentals by applying gymnastics to elite CrossFit skills.

In Part 1, learn how to stabilize your handstand through the hollow-body position. According to Paoli, one of the misconceptions with the hollow-body position is that it is “closed down.” Paoli says: “It’s actually the most neutral position that we can possibly find in our body.” Find out how to challenge yourself with the hollow-body position and develop midline stability.

In Part 2, Paoli focuses on the headstand to develop head and hand position for a handstand. “In order to set ourselves up for success in the handstand push-up, we need to have that headstand down solid,” Paoli says. Using a stable triangular set-up, athletes will be able to develop control and balance.

In Part 3, Paoli scales the handstand push-up for different skill levels. The first step to getting inverted is a handstand push-up with your feet on the ground, working the distance between feet and hands and stance. The next step is elevating the feet to increase the difficulty, scaling elevation and stance. With smart progressions, you can make the handstand push-up accessible for any athlete.