Friday, November 19, 2010

Lance Armstrongs first tri Race of 2011, 38°12′S 176°20′E"

Well it is official 38°12′S 176°20′E" is it, so he says. Lance can drum up attention for any event so this should be good. It might even give him a fighting chance, stinks for all the age groupers in the 40+.
His tweet.
"Four events, two days & one great location - a must do summer event at New Zealand’s best triathlon venue. The annual festival, on Auckland Anniversary weekend, attracts competitors from all around the North Island. In addition to an Aquathon and 2km lake swim, it also incorporates Rotorua’s only sprint triathlon. The swim leg of the triathlon can also be replaced with a kayak as a multisport option. Spread over two days, it allows competitors plenty of time to enjoy the stunning Rotorua lakes area between the races."