Monday, May 2, 2011

Crowie, Get Well!

Crowie or Craig Alexander is one inspirational athlete, being in his late 30's, starting late to the Triathlon game and being a fantastic runner it is a shame to see he pulled out of the Australian Ironman due to illness, rather be safe then sorry. Can't wait to see him back in the game. Look what Chrissie did after an illness, CRUSHED, so hopefully this is a sign.

"I've been fighting this infection for the past two weeks, and I've completely laid flat. I remained hopeful I would come good, so I wanted to leave it until the last minute before making my decision. When I went to the doctor on the weekend, after his assessment I realized I probably wouldn't be racing. In my head I had made a decision, but in my heart I was hoping for a minor miracle. It hasn't happened and it just wouldn't be smart health-wise to push through an Ironman at any pace. So the reality is, I'll be stuck on the sideline on May 1st." He continued, "In all my years as a full time professional I have been very fortunate, having only previously had two enforced layoffs because of illness."