Friday, May 18, 2012

Body Position

Run Analysis Part 1 - Body Position | Trifuel
For athletes seeking to make improvements in their running form, Trismarter offers a run analysis service. The basis of our running form philosophy is that all movement while running is focused towards a common goal of forward propulsion. This simply means we take into account the entire body position and its movement at every stage within a single stride, analyze and correct the position and movement as needed to positively effect the runner’s efficiency, and thus effect the runner’s ability to travel faster and further. For purposes of this series of articles, I’m going to touch on common inefficiencies that we see regularly in triathletes and runners that can easily be fixed by simply being aware of them, making minor adjustments, and putting into practice the changes suggested to positively impact running. In Part 1, I address body position during the “drive” and “stance” phases of a single stride. More...