Thursday, May 10, 2012

Parents/Kids Competing Together!

So spending time with your family as a multisport athlete is hard, both on the family and you. When/do you decided to hang up your wetsuit,bike, and running shoes and focus on the kids. You might not, you might really love pushing yourself. If you are of the other and like to pass on knowledge want to still compete, how great would it be to have a group that is dedicated to Parents/kids. Just like the age group slots, you could break it up many different ways,  parents age/ kids age or a combination of parents age and kids age.

Many races have slots for kids age but races in general are scary even for adults, imagine being 4 feet tall and stuffed in with hundred of adults, SCARY. You can't hear the race organizer, gun goes off a sea of people start to move forward, pushed, knocked around, SCARY.

Now take that same scenario and you are standing next to your child, with other parents and kids, really starts to send a great message. Not only for the race organizer but for the kids.

This idea is not full baked, but expect more to come as ThinkTri get's this up and running.