Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Switch Aero System!

Quick-Release Aerobars + Dual-Position Seatpost: Switch back and forth on-the-fly between a road position and an aero position.
"...here is a cool new solution that will help you achieve new milestones in the sport without spending a bunch of money." - TriJuice
"Upstart company Redshift Sports promises to add that same capability to nearly any road bike with its new Switch Aero system, while making the conversion much easier, too." -BikeRadar

Get the Most Out of Your Road Bike

The Switch Aero System lets you get the most out of your road bike. The system’s Quick-Release Aerobars and Dual-Position Seatpost allow you to transition on-the-fly between your normal road position and a true aero position, without even slowing down. The system is perfect for cyclists, triathletes, or anyone looking for a comfortable and aerodynamic alternate riding position.