Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Swami's Made To Order Wetsuit!

Swami's made-to-measure wetsuits

Introducing our 3/2 full suit available for ladies and gentlemen
£295 *intro price for summer 2013
Why opt for a tailor made wetsuit?
We've worked closely with Snugg Wetsuits to develop a range of unique suits and to offer a made-to-measure service. Snugg have made premium quality wetsuits in England since 1982.
Off-the-peg vs. a crafted tailor made suit
Sounds obvious but increased warmth and performance is in large part down to a simple matter of a better fit.
Helping keep excess water from entering the suit and pooling against the body's vital organs as well as avoiding the extra weight of a water logged suit.
With a made-to-measure suit the fit will keep you warmer so you're not expelling precious additional energy. This decreases body fatigue and ultimately improves your surfing performance.
1. Ultraspan stretch neoprene (the most flexible material on the market) offers improved heat retention and gives a better wearing experience. Ultraspan provides enhanced comfort and reduces water resistance allowing for an unprecedented range of movement.
2. The "smoothskin" we use on our 3/2 suits across the upper arms, chest, back and neck is generally used for triathletes to give maximum flexibility and a low coefficient drag - it basically makes you more aerodynamic! It's made by Yamamoto and milled from limestone rather than petroleum which better for the environment.
3. Single lined "smoothie" neoprene on the arms and chest is durable and excellent at repelling wind & water.
Our look and style is very paired down so as not to distract from the materials and construction. Branding is kept to a stealth minimum. It is essentially a classic style cut using contemporary materials and technologies.
How to order
Our 3/2 model is our first release for the summer. If you're interested in a suit please drop us a line and we'll email you our tailor's guide as well as giving you more information on the service.
Features: • Made in England. • Combining 3mm in the torso area and 2mm neoprene on the arms and lower legs • Double glued, blindstitched and heat-sealed taped seams, super soft knit lining • Anti-rash "smoothskin" neck roll • Heavy duty YKK waterproof zip • 3/2 wetsuits are Ideal for water temperatures in the low to mid-60s